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My experience enables us to offer effective individualized hypnosis and hypnotherapy support. Hypnotherapy supports a variety of disorders, addictions, pain management, weight loss, and provide a method of changing behaviors for individuals. Hypnotherapy is more than one session, the amount of time will be determined during our free consultation.


Hypnosis is a one-time session. Most self-help such as confidence, some anxiety or fears, and spiritual hypnosis fall into this category.

Mediumship and Channeling

In mediumship readings, my focus is to help individuals heal and to connect with their loved ones that have passed. For individual sessions, a picture is helpful to connect. 

For channeling, I connect to a high collective conscious that will answers questions and help you understand your path or whatever in life that is troubling you. Sometimes we all need that higher perspective for navigating our way in life.

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