Hypnosis Services

Hypnosis is a one-time session. 

Spiritual Hypnosis

I LOVE doing Spiritual hypnosis! The type of hypnosis this would include is past life regressions, talking with your higher self, channeling (yes every single person is a channel of God/Source). Unlocking intuition, if you want to strengthen your mediumship abilities, etc.

Anxiety and Fears

I had crippling anxiety. This is an area I feel I can really assist. I truly understand exactly how crippling anxiety is. If you are to the point of agoraphobia, you may need more than one session. Imagine though, being free of that anxiety and self doubt. It will release you so you may enjoy life so much more.


Fears and Phobias while they maybe lumped psychologically, their treatment is different in the hypnosis world. Most can be removed in one session. 

Please use the free consultation!

There can be other areas that fall into a one-session deal, so please, if you need some help, do not hesitate to contact me.

Things you should know

The first session of any hypnosis will always be two hours. Please allot that 2 hours in your schedule.