What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is using words in a special way when you are in a state of hypnosis as to bring about the change you want. How this differs from hypnosis is that this is done in more than one session. The subsequent sessions help to strength the scripts in the subconscious. 

Pain Management

Hypnotherapy is excellent for pain management. Some of the issues that it can be used for is headaches, chronic pain (pain experienced for longer than 6 months), cancer, low back, arthritis, and other pain. Please make an appointment if I can help you in this area. There is no reason why you need to suffer.

Weight Loss

There are many situations that come into play why we carry extra weight around. Some area strictly medical. Always check with your Doctor to rule out thyroid and other possible imbalances that may require medication for. Hypnotherapy helps to address diet change, exercise, motivation, and emotional trauma that can cause the body to hold onto that extra weight. Most weight loss issues can be addressed in a 6 session/week program.

Quitting Smoking & other addictions

Congratulations on deciding to quit smoking! First, you must want to quit for yourself. It is much harder to quit because of someone else wants you to. This is a 6 session/week program as we are addressing not only the addiction of smoking but also the other reason why you took up smoking to begin with. 

Time Frames

Most hypnotherapy can be concluded in 6 weeks. You are literally 6 weeks away from the complete transformation of what you want. If you have the results in less than 6 weeks, that is excellent! You do not have to have more sessions which can save you money!

What you should know

We will always have a free consultation to discuss and questions, to outline what is going to happen and how things are addressed and when they are addressed.  Always allow 2 hours for the first hypnotherapy session and one hour for subsequent sessions. While they may not take that long, I allow the extra time in case they do. I will always address the underlying issues that hold you back because if it's not addressed, the scripts will not work.