Mediumship and Channeling

Mediumship Session

Mediumship sessions are either 30 mins or an hour. Time does fly when you are in one. I will do my best to connect with your loved ones. 

Group Mediumship

In a group mediumship session, I am able to connect loved ones with people from the audience. In a large audience, I cannot guarantee that everyone will get a reading. I do book 3 hours at a time to allow for as many as possible. 

Personal Channeling Session

Personal channeling sessions are also done in 30 to one hour increments. Time also does fly here! In this type of session, you will be able to ask whatever is on your mind. There is NO question too deep to ask.

Group Channeling Session

In a group channeling session, the whole group will be able to ask questions and receive answers. There is no question that is too small or too deep. This is booked in 3 hour increments because time flies in these sessions and I want to make sure there is ample time for answering the question(s) asked.

What to expect for individual Sessions

Individual sessions are more personal and of course the time is all yours. There is no limit to questions or anything like that in a session. For mediumship, I will do my best to connect with the loved one you wish to reach, but they sometimes don't come through. Be prepared if that happens. I have never had a session where no one comes through! Friend and family members always will.

For channeling, I am connected to a high consciousness. You will be able to ask more past and future related questions here.

Always record the session!!!

What to expect for group sessions

Group sessions are where I am in front and am facing my audience. I will connect with those who have the strongest energy coming in first, and work my way from there. Again, there is no guarantee that the loved one a person wants to connect with will come through, but I do try my hardest!